Sound Propels the Emotion

A motion picture is a compilation of images and sound.  It is an illusion.

By definition, an illusion is a distortion of the senses.  It’s a misinterpretation of a true sensation.

Filmmakers create and assemble the images and sound of the motion picture in such a manner as to create an illusion that they want you to experience.  Sometimes they unintentionally create the improper illusion. Continue reading

You Don’t Need a Man, You Need a Goddamn Warrior

I didn’t write this, but I absolutely love this!  It is so what my girlfriend and I are all about, and it relates to my book, The Boom Operator too.  It’s via Kate Rose on the website; Elephant Journal….   It was posted on Aug 12, 2015.  Enjoy!

To my sweet wild woman,

I know why it hasn’t worked out with anyone else—you don’t need a man, but a goddamn warrior. Continue reading