Now Speaking in Your Town!!!

I’m now available to share The Art and Craft of Recording Sound in your area.  If you’re apart of a corporation, organization, association, club, forum, film school, journalism program, or any other group that wants to learn more about making movies, then contact me through this website about presenting in your town.

With over 30 years in radio, television, and motion picture production amongst dozens of award winning actors, producers, and directors on some of the best shows ever created, I have accumulated a tremendous amount of filmmaking knowledge and the best storytelling principles you’ll ever encounter face to face.

You’ll learn how we do it behind-the-scenes and in pre-production.  Along with slide shows, video, and step-by-step instruction that will have you walking away with the best  tips, tricks, and tools that we use in the big leagues.

And did I mention all of the great stories?  That’s probably the best part.  People always ask me to share more of what goes on with some of the best talents in the business.

So if you want something special for your group, then contact me today about booking an engagement in your town.

Let’s do this!!!

Robert K. Maxfield


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