What is a Dooley?

What is a Dooley? To fully comprehend a Dooley one must examine the artist himself. On the outside one will witness a modest sized man of slender build with sparing hair and be speckled gray and black beard. You will perceive a man who lives out the typical identity of an artist of simple means. There is nothing shiny and sweet about his wears. He doesn’t put on airs. The way he carries himself is not structured. His talk is charged, not in a boisterous way, sometimes with an esoteric swagger, but always in a spirited melange of excitement and inquisitiveness. Dooley is no ordinary being, nor is his art. He is unique, and his work displays a complicated individualism. Like his art, he is at once magnificently grand and at twice passionately raucous with a salty edge.
This life force, surnamed Lawrence, pursues perfection not with a calculated science, but with an honest act of self discovery and revelation. His pursuit comes from within and radiates itself out through a zillion layers of chafed life. At first you will witness an eccentricity in Dooley that be spells a quirky and off balance kindness. Looking closer, and with patience, you’ll discover a deep rooted humanism. Unlike some complex artists, the emotional energy that resonates from him is not an anger and resentment, but a whimsical surprise of gratefulness. This guy figured out how to overcome the slings of strife. Fortunately for us, the artistic payoff comes through his creations as a complex web of delight, organized imperfection, and humbled achievement. Within, he knows he’s good, yet outwardly he speaks of his piece’s values as if they were just dusty inventory. He wants the world to know about his humble domain and bountiful collections, yet he naively appears to be unaware of social sharing. Believing that civilization will just find it’s way into his universe, he openly connects with a blind ambition of trust and faith; one individual at a time. Yes, Dooley inherently operates within a world of divine intervention. That’s probably the way you will come to know him. And when you stumble across this man you will no doubt embrace his creations. It will probably involve a connection you don’t necessarily understand, but my guess is, you will be pleasantly seduced. Once you have Dooley in your presence, you will want a Dooley in your possession. You’ll probably understand a little bit more about yourself too.

The Class of 76


Every once in a while the great God Almighty kicks it up a notch…the universe swells with an especially surging energy, and the connected among us feel the greatness that lies between and within our souls. We usually can’t put words to it. We try, we feel, we think, and we search to express this greatness with others. But words and expressions just don’t always connect. This is reality, and we must live with it.  Continue reading

From My Ears to Yours

Every blue moon or so I come to a realization:  I am in a very unique position…not just as a film worker in an exciting world of intrigue and illusion, but as the only person in the entire cast and crew who gets to observe and listen to each performance in full-on face-to-face audio/visual  fidelity.  And that’s being general: what I experience is bigger and broader, yet smaller and narrower than that, it’s really quite…magical. Continue reading

Little Bobby Maxfield

I remember the very first adventure that I ever undertook was in St. Joe, Missouri.  It must have been a wonderful day for my mother, as I remember her smiling, giggling, and joking more than usual.  At the time I didn’t understand the concept and ramifications of adventures, I just kept holding on to what was important to me; my mom’s blouse.   It was 1960.  I was four.  And she had just dropped me off at the First Presbyterian Church on 7th and Jules Street for preschool.  I guess an afternoon away from me was just what she needed. Continue reading


I am not able to fully grasp the perspective of being behind-the-scenes.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “working or happening privately without being known or seen by the public”.  Behind-the-camera I relate to, and in-front-of-the-camera I get, as I have spent nearly 35 years working in radio, TV, and motion picture production.  So to me this phrase, behind-the-scenes, has always been something that you get a sneak peek of when watching Entertainment Tonight.  Which, by-the-way, is a show that was born at the same time as my career back in the mid-eighties.
Continue reading

Booming is Hard to Muster

Booming is hard work.  Yes, it has its perks.  It allows me to have experiences that many people dream of, i.e., working face to face with famous people, witnessing incredible performances from mere inches away, listening to renowned voices in full fidelity, being laser focused in the capturing of historic moments, and the privilege to participate in the creation of world class film illusions.  Boy has it given me some great stories to tell! Continue reading